Our 2015 Travel Plans

We left London on 1st January bound for Chiang Mai and with no concrete travel plans past that which was kind of exciting!

This year for us is all about Asia and although we knew we would spend the entire 12 months on this side of the world, until today we hadn’t given too much thought as to which countries we would actually visit.

Already time is flying and we realise that if we are going to get the most out of the year, we need to start putting some kind of plan in place.

It’s also a good time to reflect on our finances. We had tentatively set a conservative budget for the trip but from back home in London it was pretty tough to know whether it was realistic or not. We’ve read way too many blog posts about average spending  in Asia but we’re already learning that everybody does things differently and we’re now getting a sense of what we will spend.

3 weeks into our adventure, this is what we know.


In an ideal world we would like to limit our entire spending (including flights, accommodation, food, activities etc) to £1,000 per month / £32 per day.

The logic behind this is that we can comfortably replace those funds from our work online without having to spend days at a time in front of our laptops and it means that when we do go home our savings will be (mostly) intact.

If we can pay for the entire year with money earned this year, we’ll be very pleased! If not, we are happy to take the hit on our savings.  Whatever happens we have a block of money set aside that is untouchable and is plenty to allow us to return to our normal lives and pick up where we left off (but with loads of cool stories and hopefully a tan!).

So far we are on budget but whether this will last, who knows. We have some expensive countries coming up! Sign up to our newsletter where we’ll declare our full spending each month and maybe even some of our earnings too 🙂

Where we’re going

This is the fun bit! We’re in Northern Thailand right now and we’ll be travelling down until we end up in Koh Samui at the end of March. From there we had thought about going to Cambodia, but financially (mostly due to flight prices) it is cheaper for us to keep going south into Malaysia. We also figure that after a month on the beach it might be nice to see some city again and we’ve heard amazing things about the food in Kuala Lumpur.

From there we go a tiny bit further south for a week just to dip our toes into Singapore before we start travelling east and back up – all the way to South Korea.

The full itinerary looks like this:

South Korea
Sri Lanka

Places to visit in 2015

Look at all those countries!

Note that we do make it to Cambodia eventually – just when we’ll be ready to check out their amazing beaches after a few weeks spent in Seoul and whilst we’re back in the area we can’t pass up the opportunity to pop over and visit mysterious Myanmar.

The possibilities were endless but in the end we opted to finish up the year in our favourite place (favourite for now, anyway) the Maldives.

We went there for our Honeymoon back in 2010 and spent only a little under £10,000 on the trip. This time we’ll show you how to do it for a fraction of the cost to fit our budget and then we’ll cry a little over the huge chunk we spent seeing it last time!

We’ve also decided to skip Australia. We decided in the end that we just didn’t have enough time to do it justice and 2015 really wouldn’t be about Asia if we passed over some of it’s greatest countries in favour of Oz, BUT! We will come back and dedicate the right amount of time to Australia when we get a chance, right along with New Zealand, Fiji and Bora Bora – another of my most longed for trips.

Like everything in our life now our itinerary is flexible and as we only book our flights and accommodation one month ahead, it may change slightly throughout the year, however hopefully not too much as this is one trip I’m very excited to experience.

Any tips on what to see/where to stay/how to save money in any of these countries is much appreciated, just leave us a comment below. And hey! Why not visit us along the way?

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