Eating Chiang Mai

We have lived in Chiang Mai for two months and somewhere along the way it accidentally became an eating trip. The food here is incredible and even on the days we tried to limit our food intake somehow we managed to pig out again!

We’re packing up to move on tomorrow and as we reflect on two months of eating in Chiang Mai, we thought we’d share our favourite places to eat with you.

Roses Guest House
87 Ratchapakinai, Prasing, Muang

As the name suggests this is actually a popular guest house but it has a restaurant that is open to the general public. The food here is not only incredibly tasty and filling, it’s also really cheap. This little lot below (including two drinks) cost just under £5.

Food at Roses guest house.

The excellent food at Rose’s.

We have eaten here lots of times during our stay and never had a bad meal. Their best dish by far is the Masuman curry. You. Are. Welcome.

Pad Thai Lady
Next to The Curve, Chang Klan Road

I’m sure this place has a name but I’m buggered if I know what it is. We just affectionately refer to the shop front kitchen as Pad Thai Lady.

Pad Thai sign.

The sign for the best Pad Thai lady!

We ate a lot of pad thai in Chiang Mai (obviously) but this is the home of the very best pad thai we ate during our entire stay. We found ourselves visiting this place an embarrassingly high number of times due to it’s close proximity to our apartment and the fact that it is absolutely delicious.

Pad Thai in a banana leaf.

The best Pad Thai served in a banana tree leaf.

Pad Thai Lady does have room for diners to sit down and enjoy their meal but we always got ours to go, wrapped in a banana leaf which defies all science and keeps the dish boiling hot for bloody ages. You can choose to have your pad thai served with chicken, fish or vegetarian and a large portion is 45 baht / 90p. Just look out for the Pad Thai Lady sign and you can’t miss her.

Anusarn Night Market

If you like Indian food then you’ll love Peshawar. Based in the dining area of Anusarn market this stall serves brilliant quality food that tastes phenomenal. It’s a little more pricey than most and we have regularly paid between £6-£9 for a meal here which is expensive for market food, but the portions are huge, the meat is high quality and it’s easily worth every penny.

We didn’t take any photographs of our food (we couldn’t wait to eat it!) but I would highly recommend the chicken vindaloo and garlic naan which is beyond delicious and all made freshly right in front of you.

Anusarn Night Market

Located conveniently next to Peshawar, we spent a lot of time at Aisha’s. She serves authentic thai food and the menu is enormous. We ate here too often to count and never had a bad meal. We still argue over what the best dish was (I favour the chicken with cashew nuts whilst Glen is flying the flag for ginger chicken) however we both agree that the egg fried rice is the best we have eaten anywhere in the world.

where to eat chiang mai

Look at all those colours!

Food here is cheap and a good dinner that will keep you full up whilst giving you a party in your mouth will cost around £3.

After incredibly careful consideration, we have allotted Aisha’s the highly sought after honour of being our last meal in Chiang Mai and I think that says it all! We love Aisha!

The Butter is Better Bakery
Chang Klan Road

I just don’t even know where to start with this. Luckily for us we only discovered this place on our last week in Chiang Mai. If we had found it any earlier I wholeheartedly fear that we would now each need two plane seats for our flight out of town.

After 8 weeks of eating sub par breakfasts (it doesn’t seem to be a thing here) we finally decided to try out this odd looking bakery that made us laugh with it’s funny chalk board signs but didn’t look that exciting from the outside.

God were we wrong.

This place IS breakfast. It’s not very Thai (which in this case is a good thing) and is in fact an American diner owned by a Jewish family. They serve pretty much any breakfast food you can think of as well as a whole host of amazing lunch and dinner dishes plus they have a huge bakery section fully of cakes that are mouth-wateringly good.

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions

Even though the food is out of this world, the best part of this place is it’s menu which can only have been written by a comedian (I’m suspecting Joan Rivers). My favourite menu funny (and favourite dish to eat) is the MookMiffin “don’t believe those other guys, we invented it first AND ours is much better” but equally hilarious is their write up of ratatouille “French for unpronounceable”.

Sausage mook miffin.

Excuse the terrible photo. .. This is a Sausage and Egg MookMiffin.

Go there to read the menu but keep going back because you can’t get enough of the food. Sorry for the impending diabetes and heart congestion you now have.

Street Vendors

As you walk around Chiang Mai you will find street vendors selling all types of food along the side of the road. Actually they’re very annoying because they take up the entire path which means that you have to risk being run over by a speeding motorbike just to get past, but there’s no doubting that their food always tastes good. It’s also the cheapest food you will find anywhere with most dishes being around 60p.

Our favourite things to buy from the street guys were Chiang Mai noodles, duck noodle soup and then a sweet roti to finish. If you’re on a very tight budget this should be your go to place to buy food.

Mike’s Pizza
44/4 Loy Kroh Road

When you get sick of Thai food, and you will, head over to Mikes. Here you can pick up superb pizza’s for £4 or delicious Mexican eats for a little less. They do also serve Thai food which is super cheap and super yummy but we mainly came here for our Western fix.

Pizza and cocktails.

Pizza and cocktails for all!

The whole vibe of this place is great. We regularly had lots of cocktails (hey, it’s buy 2 get 1 free!) whilst listening to fab music (with a little too much Taylor Swift) and munching our way through a tasty pizza. They also have free WiFi which is pretty handy plus nice toilets which you really come to appreciate when you live here for long enough!

A fab night out here is going to cost less than £20 and is well worth a trip.

If you know the area you’ll no doubt have noticed that all of our favourite places to eat are outside of the main town. It’s not that we didn’t eat in the old town, it’s just that everything we ate there was just okay. Like most places, you have to step outside of the main attraction to find the best food and we definitely did that. If you’re visiting make sure you check out some of these places, we’d love to hear what you think!

Have you got any favourite places in Chiang Mai that you’d like to recommend? Tell us in the comments below and maybe we’ll check them out on our next visit!

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