I want to start taking photography seriously

This is weird.

For years now I’ve always said that I don’t want to be a professional photographer, and I still don’t.

It’s a hobby for me and that’s all it will ever be.

And now I sit here researching the local competition, deep-dive researching what other travel bloggers do and thinking that maybe, just maybe I could be a semi-professional photographer. If not just train myself to be half-decent.

What do I mean by semi-professional? I mean charging for my services but only on the side… Part time. If I feel like it. Sometimes.

I find myself sitting here thinking about projects that I can take on. Could I do a wedding? I could totally do a wedding shoot right?


Why not?

I could do portraits for people. I could cover live music events. I could even do some street photography work when I need to get some fresh perspective.

But why stop there?

Let’s bash out some landscape photography and get some pets in while we’re at it. Sod it, why not a product shoot? Or peoples children… All on top of travel photography when I’m, you know, on my travels!

Damn dude calm down! Jack of all trades, master of none and all that bullshit.

What on earth has sparked this sudden change of heart?


I’ve always enjoyed photography and I want to create beautiful images. I want people to feel beautiful when they see a picture of themselves. I want to create and to be creative.

But damn I don’t shoot in manual mode. Hell I don’t even shoot in aperture or shutter priority! WTF is an exposure triangle? And don’t get me started on reading the light!

I also want more gear and to justify the cost of the gear by providing professional services. Get paid, buy gear am I right?

I bought my first bad-ass Sony Cybershot super-duper point-and-click back in about 2007 when I went to Crete.

In 2014 I bought a Panasonic DMC-GF6 Mirrorless with kit lens to take on my travels.

Last year I bought an old  second-hand DSLR, a Nikon D80 with 70-300mm F4/5.6 G AF lens, to try and learn photography as well as using my trusty Panasonic.

That damn Panasonic is a workhorse and has seen the world!

My old mirrorless and even older DSLR aren’t going to cut it. I love both of them but these days I can no longer push their limits. <– Ha ha how wrong was I here! Turns out I was the problem and not the kit!

In spite of the statement above, if I really want to learn about good quality photography and push my own limits then I think it’s time for an upgrade. Very soon I’ll be purchasing a nice shiny new DSLR, a lens or 2, a flash and some filters. This new haul will be complimented by my tripod and pure enthusiasm.

I must be crazy to be thinking this to be honest. I’m sitting here typing away in Evernote and I’ve never done any professional work.

Or learned to take a photo outside of that dreaded green auto mode for that matter.

It’s never too late to start though right?

So, here’s my very fluid plan.

Get my new kit then take a minute to learn about my new camera (please, I’m totally going to get wet over my new toys).

Then I will do my first ever portraiture shoot with my closest friends and their kids, one of which is my beautiful god-daughter. To be honest I can see those guys being my guinea pigs while I get my confidence up. Then it’s on to real work baby!

Now I could sit here and wonder, “can I handle it?”. I will wonder because I’m one of those people who will rehearse a billion different situations in my head for even mundane things such as ordering a Big Mac. Yeah I am one of those people… But I know I can handle it. I’ve worked in several high pressure jobs. I’ve been self-employed and run a profitable company. I’ve travelled extensively.

I can do this.

It’s not such a big deal to many people but it is for me.

I still don’t know 100% where I want to go with this work but I know I want to explore and see where it takes me. For better or for worse.

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