Money Talks Series – Part 2

We know there’s a huge interest in making money online and specifically in how individuals support their full time travel with online careers.

We already told you how we make money but to further expand on the topic and to help answer some of those elusive questions with real information we will be interviewing fellow bloggers over the next few months and reporting back.  We’ll post two interviews a month so make sure you check back for the next part of the series soon.

First up we showcased an interview with our friend Sharon over at Where’s Sharon which was really helpful. If you’re interested in developing your affiliate marketing income, Sharon’s your woman.

In part 2 we are pleased to introduce you to Jasper who runs the awesome blog The Traveling Duchman. He offers a different take on making money and we hope you find it as interesting as we did.

For those who don’t already know you, please introduce yourself and your blog

I run The Traveling Dutchman, a blog in which I chronicle my world-wide journey.  Traveling is my biggest passion and I love to explore new places, understand different cultures and learn new languages.

Make money online

Oh, hi Jasper!

When you decided to embark on a life of long term travel, how did you financially prepare? (Did you save money at home, plan to work on the road or something else?)

I started my journey in 2010 after I quit my finance job. I had saved up enough money to support myself for the first year or two.

How did you know when it was the right time to quit your job and take the plunge?

I go to the point where I realised that staying at my current job and making more money wasn’t going to bring me any more fulfilment. In addition, at 32 years old I felt like it was now or never.

 How do you make money now?

My main source of income is my apartment in Amsterdam that I rent out on Airbnb, which brought in $60k in 2014. In addition, I make money from selling my book (Get Paid For Your Pad, which is about Airbnb hosting) and I make it a little bit from my travel blog as well.

If you make money from your travel blog, how long did it take to monetise? And what tips do you have for aspiring bloggers to achieve the same success?

It took about one year for me to make money from my travel blog. It’s not enough to fully support myself though. My best advice to aspiring bloggers is to choose a niche, for example a region or a country. This makes it easier to stand out, attract traffic and sponsorships.

Have you made any financial mistakes in relation to travel and if so, how did you overcome them?

I can’t think of any.

What are your financial goals? (To earn enough to stay on the road? To buy a house?)

My financial goal for 2015 is to make more money from my online business done from my Airbnb listing and also to save money, i.e. spend less than I make.

Do you have long-term financial plans in place? (Such as a pension/401K, money invested somewhere?) If not, are you concerned about your financial future?

I don’t have a pension plan but I do have a few investments that are meant for the long run, such as angel investments and stock market investments.

Finally, do you have any finance related posts on your blog that you want to feature?

Here is an article about the advantages of hosting on Airbnb:
Thank you, Jasper!

We hope you found this interview helpful. See you in a couple of weeks for the next one which is with two very inspirational people! If you’re worried about missing it please sign up for our newsletter and it, along with the rest of the Money Talks series, will be delivered right to your inbox.

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