Month 3: Budget and Expenses – Khanom / KL

In month three we moved to Khanom in Southern Thailand to spend a quiet month on the beach.

It was everything we had hoped for and so much more! Not only did we have an amazing time spending our days wandering a gorgeous deserted beach, we also got a huge amount of work done and now go into April feeling very positive about our future.

We wrote all about why we love Khanom and why you should visit. Go read the article and then book your flights. We may see you there as we’ll be returning soon I’m sure!

beach thailand

Gorgeous Khanom


Now, onto the figures for the month.

We stayed a total of 28 nights in Khanom and spent so little that if we had stayed an extra few days to take us into April, we would have finished this month’s budget at around £500! Instead we left to fly to Malaysia and the 4 days of spending there in Kuala Lumpur has bought our budget back to a normal level, sigh.

We were able to keep our expenses so low by taking advantage of both our living situation and all of the free activities that Khanom has to offer.


We stayed in a very nice villa which was plenty big enough for us to both have a comfortable work space and the separate bedroom was a real treat after apartment living. The modern kitchen and bathroom were unusual for Thailand and really helped make our stay comfortable and the cost for the month was just under £300.


Having that kitchen also saved us a lot of money on eating out (something we did every day in Chiang Mai). In total we probably dined in restaurants around 8 times but otherwise we cooked at the villa and had some seriously delicious food which also gave us a chance to slim down a little!

cook at home

Glen is an amazing cook

save money by cooking

Delicious home cooked food


Likewise our entertainment budget is shockingly low. It’s not that we didn’t do anything, it’s just that everything in Khanom is free! We spent days out on our scooter exploring the coast and the crazy monkey riddled jungles. We took a day trip to Ko Samui, we spent endless time swimming in the sea and lazing on the beach. We went for long cycle rides and hung out in town. It was all free. (We paid for scooter hire and a ferry to take us to Ko Samui but those are billed as transportation costs). We did however have a day out at the aquarium when we arrived in KL which was £20.


Transportation costs are high in view of a flight out of Thailand and private airport transfers either side and though we could have saved some money by taking the bus / train, we maintain that if the budget is doing well, we’d rather travel comfortably. Also we quite like to get to the next place and check our e-mails which is a constant anxiety point when you are running a business on the road. Give us all the WiFi!

Total spend March 2015

Apartment (plus 4 nights in KL hotel)THB 18'028
Electricity/WaterTHB 1'112
WifiTHB 0 (free)
CleanerTHB 0 (free)
FoodTHB 11'868.72
LaundryTHB 130
TransportTHB 8'031
ActivitiesTHB 876.33
OtherTHB 1'018
TotalTHB 40'062.05 / £801.78

This equates to £12.93 per person, per day.

(Note that Malaysian spending has been converted to THB for the sake of using a single currency)

The other category is pretty dull and is made up of expensive factor 50 sun cream, a hair cut and stocking up on toiletries when we arrived in KL. You have no idea how good it is to find products that do not include whitening cream!!

Other things that aren’t included in our budget seeing as they’re not actually travel costs are the £11 life insurance that we buy and the £4.99 Netflix subscription that I would be lost without (we’re totally hooked on Californication right now). We do of course travel with full comprehensive travel insurance but this isn’t a monthly cost, we paid for the policy in full back in December.

What next?

We’ll be in Kuala Lumpur for another few days exploring the Batu Caves, eating our way around Little India and China Town and enjoying all the modern malls that the city has to offer and then we take a long bus ride up to Penang.

A little heads up – we are blowing the budget in April! We’re staying in a very nice hotel in Penang which is well needed after 3.5 months on the road and then we are taking expensive flights (and expensive visas) to Cambodia! Ah, sometimes you just have to go nuts! We’re having a blast 🙂

Travelling Malaysia

Petronas Towers

Part of the reason for our frivolous attitude towards money this month is down to our realisation that we need to set up long term bases if we are to move our business forward. I think we will probably have cheap months in places where we keep our heads down and work hard before racking up bills country hopping and then settling again. Let’s see how this works out for us! Hopefully we’ll stay on budget over the course of the year.

Until next month, happy travelling!

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