Our Travel Plans for the Rest of 2015

We have been busy this week booking our travel for the rest of the year and, seeing as it differs so much from what we had originally planned, I thought it was about time we updated you.

Regular readers of our blog will have seen our original travel plans for 2015 which we published back in January when we were only a couple of weeks into our trip.

We have learnt a HUGE amount about travel since then and even more about ourselves and what makes us happy and this has prompted a change in our travel plans.

Goodbye Asia

By the time we leave Asia on 13th June we will have spent 6.5 months slowly travelling through this incredible region.

But we had originally planned to spend a whole 12 months travelling it, so what changed?

Well… money. When we realised that we would spend as much money in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan as we would in Australia and New Zealand, two countries we are passionate about exploring, it kind of made sense to prioritise them over countries that we could take or leave. So we have decided to leave them.

By the time we board our flight to Oz in June we will have been to; Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Map asia

Not bad!

Whilst there are lots of other interesting countries in Asia left unexplored by us, we’re ready to move on to places that get us excited and so it’s time to say goodbye for now.

Hello Oceania

Being from the UK, Australia is the ultimate dream destination for us. It is so far away from home yet it feels like we know it so well – thanks Neighbours and Home & Away!

We have always wanted to visit and we are SO EXCITED that we will be heading there in June and following a route that will see us explore all 6 territories of the country. We’ll first be hitting up Melbourne followed by Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and hopefully Uluru (Ayers Rock).

Travel australia

That’s a whole lot of Oz!

Seeing as we’re so close by we’ll then be heading over to New Zealand where we plan to spend our days road tripping from top to bottom whilst we see what the country has to offer. We know very little about it and that’s exactly how we want to keep it, we’ll learn as we explore – the ultimate treat!

Finally, if I can find a relatively affordable way to do it, we’ll be taking a trip to Bora Bora – my number 1 bucket list destination.

Home Sweet Home

Once we have finished with Oceania we plan to take a convoluted journey back to the UK – visiting Hawaii and the US on the way before spending a week with our family at the end of the Summer.


We miss London <3

We really want to stop in and see the people that matter to us but we also have other reasons for visiting.

Firstly we want to see how we feel about being home. Can we see ourselves going back next year and picking up where we left off? Are we content with just visiting every few months whilst we spend the rest of our time on the road? Let’s see.

Secondly we want to switch our backpacks out for suitcases ready for our next destination.

Hola España

One thing you don’t know about us is our unbreakable love affair with all things Spanish. After years of taking lessons we speak a reasonable amount of the language but have never been able to call ourselves fluent.

We have always planned to spend a prolonged amount of time in the country immersing ourselves in the language and integrating ourselves into the community so that we can finally conquer the beautiful dialect and this is what we’ll be doing post Oceania.

But no more living out of a backpack, rotating the same outfit every couple of days and always looking like we just got out of bed. We will be taking two suitcases full of clothing, make up and personal items with us so that we can actually live there for a while and settle. And with an in-out referendum planned soon for our country – it’s pretty much now or never!

It Feels Right

Just writing these plans down makes me so excited and reminds me why we started to travel in the first place. Sometimes you can plan your whole life and then realise part way through it that you’re on the wrong path… but our new route is the route of our dreams and we feel very lucky to be travelling it together.

Mo Money, Less Problems

I’m just going to put it out there – we will not be travelling on £1,000 per month for the foreseeable.

We might not even be able to cap it at £2,000 per month actually. Oceania is a very expensive region to travel, as is Hawaii and the USA and London is not cheap either. Be prepared for our budget reports to take a terrifying leap upwards.

Whilst is does make us a tiny bit nervous that we’ll be spending a huge amount of money over the next few months, we’re trying not to worry about it.

We are still making money in the ways we told you about earlier, in fact, our income stream has not diversified at all, we are however making a lot more money now than we were at the start of the year.

This gives us more financial freedom as we are not relying on our savings account to fund out trip (though we will be dipping into it) and instead we feel comfortable that we are building a business that is growing with us and supporting us. That’s pretty cool.

Life Lessons

Travelling is giving us the kind of education that you won’t get in a classroom. We are learning so much every day and we’ve come to realise that we love learning.

One thing that I have missed on the road after years of studying for my Insurance degree is really challenging myself. Because of this I’ve decided to go back to school and study for the Law degree that I’ve always wanted. I’ll be able to study from wherever in the world by attending lectures streamed online and will just have to return to London for my exams.


Back to studying…

We’ll also be taking formal Spanish lessons too. Never stop learning!

Follow Us

And there you have it. A complete update on where we are and what we’ll be doing for the rest of the year.

We’ll be sure to tell you all about our new experiences as we have them but if you want more regular updates make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and if you have any questions about how we travel please get in touch. We’re always happy to chat to our readers!

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