Singapore – A Photo Tour (Part 2)

As I mentioned in part 1 of this photo tour, it’s so difficult to narrow down just a few photos of such a photogenic place but it’s a necessary evil.

After spending just a few days here recently, I’m already looking forward to returning for a longer period of time and spending extra time in the places I loved such as Clarke Quay, Gardens by the Bay and party island Sentosa.

In fact, I’m speaking to Claire as I write this and asking her to check out flights… Let’s see if she books it!

Super trees gardens by the bay

We start with the fascinating Super Trees in the Gardens by the Bay. These trees are part of a botanical project to protect and raise awareness for rare specimens, climate change and to help turn Singapore into a green city. They also collect solar power and look brilliant!

Super trees walkway in Gardens by the Bay

There’s a walkway spanning several of the super trees that you can visit. It’s a little gimmicky but I couldn’t resist. For some reason I was majorly interesting in these trees and loved spending time there and learning about their purpose. Oh and Claire was there too!

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

One on my favourite buildings in the world. A modern day beauty!

Raffles Hotel

The Raffles Hotel, world famous for the Singapore Sling cocktail! We visited and although the experience was fun it’s not unmissable. If you don’t visit, don’t be disappointed.

Night lights Singapore

Just like many other cities around the world, this is also the city that never sleeps. In the main shopping district, Orchard Road, life carries on as normal until the early hours of the morning. The place is full of spectacular lights!

Royal Plaza reception

This is the hotel lobby of The Royal Plaza on Scotts Road next to Orchard, the shopping district. They made our stay very comfortable indeed and it was a pleasure staying here.

Sentosa Cable Car

There are a couple of ways to get to the party island of Sentosa. Road, metro, boat and cable car. We wanted to give the cable car a go! It was a grey day but still provided fantastic views of the park and the ocean as we approached the island.

Sentosa Beach Selfie

A rare selfie! This was taken outside a brilliantly named Bikini Bar where you can order reasonably prices drinks from, well, girls dressed in bikinis. I quite enjoyed it there 😉

Raffles Place Metro

Just outside Raffles Place metro station provides the perfect setting for some street photography. An eclectic mix of modern buildings and people going about their day provides plenty of snapping opportunities.

Fullerton Bay Hotel

The Fullerton Bay Hotel was to play host to us for the evening for a Chinese New Year celebration and many, many…. many cocktails.

Lantern Bar Rooftop

We spent the evening in the Lantern rooftop bar with unobstructed views of the Marina Bay Sands and the bay itself. We enjoyed a Chinese New Year show, cocktails, wonderful views, cocktails, great times with friends, cocktails and even treated ourselves to a cocktail… or 9.

Marina Bay Hotel Night Light Show

While continuing to treat ourselves to a cocktail or 2 (please…) we enjoyed an out-of-this-world light show. This was a spectacular evening that I would repeat daily if I could.

Lantern Bar Chinese New Year

A lovely display in the Lantern Bar of the Chinese New Year paraphernalia.

Night food stalls Orchard Road

OK so this is a small street food market we found at about 2am after consuming far too many cocktails. Yep, 2am and look at all these people! We managed to attract a few strange looks after being dressed to impress in a posh bar rather than being dressed like normal people just grabbing a bite to eat. We treated ourselves to 2 helpings of satay chicken and 2 helpings of vegetable fried rice. I may or may not have had a beer. I certainly did not need that beer.

Lily Pads Singapore Botanical Gardens

The Singapore Botanical Gardens is massive! So massive! It plays host to fields, gardens, trees, woods, rare plants, restaurants and everything in between. I loved the calm of the water here and the colour of the lily pads. Top tip, you come here and feed wild turtles and cat fish in an open pond. It’s 1 Singapore Dollar for a bag of food and in no time there will be several tortoises and cat fish all around you.

Orchard Garden Botanical Gardens

The first time I’ve seen one of those cool “I will eat you alive” plants in the Orchard Gardens in the Botanical Gardens. Worth a visit if you like a little nature and want to practise some photography.

Pikachu Changi Airport

On the way home and waiting at Changi Airport. Apparently there was a Pokemon exhibit on. So naturally Pikachu was there.

Changi Airport

The saddest part of our whole trip. Waiting at the gate for our plane to arrive. I was sad to leave but very excited to go back.

Have you been to Singapore? What did you do while you were there? Do you have any recommendations?

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