Where to Get Safe Medical Care in Chiang Mai

Looking after your health when you’re travelling is incredibly important.

Ignoring a toothache could mean an emergency trip to a sub-par dentist when you’re later travelling through a developing country and the repercussions of being treated by uncertified practitioners using unclean tools is a real concern, one that could mean you end up with no teeth or contract a nasty disease like hepatitis B or HIV.

For this reason we make it a point to have regular check-ups on the road to maintain good health and seeing as we are currently back in Chiang Mai, we took the opportunity to visit both the dentist and the hospital.

How to find a good dentist / doctor in Chiang Mai

The reason we opted to receive medical care in Chiang Mai is three-fold;

  1. The town is very tourist friendly and so has great facilities that are comparable to Western standards
  2. We know the town very well and so were better able to make a decision about where to go for treatment
  3. The prices are much cheaper than most other places with no compromise on level of care

Good hospitals in Chiang Mai

We simply visited a couple of hospitals whilst out and about and asked a few questions at reception to get a feel of the place.

Every hospital we visited had English speaking doctors and nurses available to answer our questions, all looked suitably clean / hygienic and we really would have been comfortable going anywhere.

If you don’t want to physically visit a bunch of hospitals, you can also e-mail them. I had an e-mail conversation with CM Mediclinic who gave me a full price list of services and made me feel really comfortable, though in the end we didn’t go there as we wanted somewhere a little closer to our apartment.

Good dentists in Chiang Mai

It could not be easier to find a good dentist in Chiang Mai. If you left your apartment and walked for 10 minutes you would probably walk past 5 different surgeries. All of them are hugely modern with English signs welcoming you and price lists displayed on the windows.

After wandering around town for a few days we had an idea of where we wanted to go and then, just to be sure, did a little bit of online research on each place and found fantastic reviews for all of them.

Realising that we were in good hands we just selected the surgery with the cheapest price and most suitable location.

cheap dentist thailand

Very hygienic dental surgery at Elite Dental. Source Somewhere Thailand

Chiang Mai Medical Center Hospital

21 Nuntaram Road, T. Haiya, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50100

This hospital is literally a 1 minute walk from our apartment at the Smith Residence making it the perfect choice for us.

We visited a few days before and spoke to a really helpful guy who answered all of our questions, gave us tons of great advice and made us feel confident in our choice.

It provides government funded treatment for locals plus has an accident and emergency department and so is pretty busy but they prioritise foreigners seeing as we pay privately and so it earns the hospital more money.

Getting medical treatment in thailand

The waiting room at the hospital. Source CMMC Website

For this reason we didn’t need to make an appointment, we just arrived, filled out a quick form and in no time at all were being seen by a doctor. We wanted to top up some of our vaccinations and buy some malaria pills and were able to do so easily, though you could just as easily get a boob job or a face lift there too – I’m just saying!

The hospital was clean, the staff helpful and we were even shadowed by an English speaking nurse who didn’t leave our side the whole time we were there.

We were in and out in around 30 minutes and were able to pay in cash or by card and so you don’t need to worry about withdrawing cash if you don’t want to. Overall we’d definitely recommend this hospital.

The price to see a doctor is 500 baht / £10, we paid 2,520 / £50 for medicine (two vaccinations and 14 malaria pills) and 80 baht / £1.60 for a nurse to administer the injections (Total cost £61.60). The same treatment at our vaccination clinic back in London would have been £135.

TIP: Take your passport. The hospital will need some I.D to register you.

Elite Smile Dental Clinic 

Pantip Plaza Chang-Klan., T.Chang-Klan, A.Muang Chiang Mai 50300

We were so impressed by our visit to this dentist but the great service actually started long before we arrived.

After a really informative e-mail chat with the surgery we made an appointment and they were able to accommodate our requested date / time. We then received a reminder e-mail the day before our appointment which I thought was a nice touch and helped to build our confidence in them.

The practice is so modern it’s almost futuristic and after filling out a quick registration form downstairs, we were sent up to the first floor where we were met with a luxurious waiting room and the coolest designers toilets we’ve ever seen!

We weren’t kept waiting and were ushered straight in for our appointments which we really liked. Anyone who has been to the dentist in England will know that a 10am appointment will actually occur around 4pm the next day (maybe a slight exaggeration, but they are NEVER on time).

I got out of my appointment quicker than Glen and had a great time kicked back on their huge corner sofa with a glass of cold water, watching TED on the tv whilst surfing the internet with their free wifi. I didn’t want to leave!

best dentist thailand

Look at the waiting room! Source: Somewhere Thailand

We had both thorough dental cleans plus some repair work and were impressed by how the dentist walked us through each procedure, explaining our options and then telling us exactly what to expect of the treatment. Overall a very easy trip which was much more enjoyable than a trip to the dentist should be!

Price wise the check up was free and a clean is 800 baht / £16. By comparison the same treatment at our old dentist in London would have been £108.

In conclusion, whether your travelling or not, it’s cheaper to take a trip to Thailand for your medical care than to receive it in London!

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