Why we stopped travel blogging


It’s pretty obvious that things have been quiet around here.

The truth is, we got bored of travel blogging.

For nearly a year we’ve let the blog essentially site here idling away and festering in it’s own loneliness. Even before that we wasn’t exactly churning out posts-a-plenty.

We’ve received a few emails asking why we’re being so quiet and it got us to thinking…

“Why did we stop blogging?”.

“What made us fall out of love with it?”.

Well, here are a few reasons as to why we stopped.

Over-exaggeration and false expectations

How many times have you read a review or seen a picture of a place and felt so excited to visit only to turn up and be bitterly disappointed? I can’t help but think that travel blogging is partly to blame for this.

Take Angkor Wat for example:

Expectations vs reality.

Sometimes places really are like what you see in the photos but for the most part they’re just excellent photography skills. We didn’t want to contribute to this.

Stop documenting your every move

Is it really necessarily to churn out boring and long winded content just to get a new post out daily? I really don’t believe that people care about the time you tripped up a curb and you were “like so super embarrassed it felt like the whole world was laughing at my terrible day” even though nobody would have given you a second glance.

It seems now that so many people are churning out so much content that they feel the need to make things up or just post rubbish so that it looks like they’re doing something.

It really doesn’t matter if you wait some time until you have something interesting to say.

There’s no story telling anymore

These days it feels like nobody tells stories in their travel blogs anymore. Personally I would rather read a story about someones day out than another boring post about “top 10 things to do in Bali for kids”.

People can have some amazing, funny and interesting stories to tell but it seems most are so focused on SEO, keyword stuffing and monetisation that the true heart of travel blogging and story telling is being lost.

Too much emphasis on money making

I’m not going to beat around the bush here. We’re all trying to make money out of this. It’s a fact. However we can go a little too far.

We’ve come to realise that we put too much pressure on ourselves to try to make money out of this blog that we stopped trying to be interesting. We actually stopped trying altogether. Now we really don’t care and are happy to continue to tell our story without thinking about monetisation.

Are we going to include affiliate links? Of course. Are we going to keyword stuff, perform SEO, link swap or write articles focused solely on money making? Nah.

I used to love reading travel blogs but now I mostly don’t bother since there’s nothing interesting to read anymore. For the most part it’s paid reviews, sponsored posts, advertising and a ton of other fake stuff just to get you to click a link or pay for a course which is definitely not needed.

I certainly can’t stand to read another “top 25 backpacks that I totally tested all by myself” review. I am however happy to read a review about a single backpack that you have used for a while and genuinely want to share useful information about.

Jack of all trades, master of none

You simply cannot be the best at everything and if you say you are then you’re a lying toerag!

It’s impossible to learn everything you need to become an expert in this space and then keep up with all the changes.

The list goes on and on but we got tired and frustrated with trying to be an expert in Google Algorithm changes, Analytics, keywords, SEO, effective writing, graphics design, WordPress, PHP coding, web hosting, DA/PA, marketing, photographer, videographer, social media, accountancy and blah blah blah.

It’s exhausting.

Now we will just write what we want, when we want. If it’s wrong, not optimised or even contains errors then so be it. We’re not perfect and we’re OK with that.

Is there anything we do like?

Yes. The actual travel itself. That’s super fun! We love trying new places and experiencing new things without the pressure of taking selfies every 5 seconds or gathering facts just to fit a blog post. Now we just go with the flow.

Also the travel community is, to be fair, very friendly and accommodating. Most people are open and happy to share their success stories and how they achieved their goals which is great. I just wished they shared more stories and less “click on my affiliate” linkbait crap.

Are we going to start blogging again?

Probably. Maybe. In our own time.

We realise now that we don’t want to join the rat race and simply want to do our own thing.


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